Sunday, May 21, 2017

Klenspop Review! - Bunny 3 Color Cherie Brown

Long time no see!
I know it's been like a very long time (6 months, omg) but I wasn't feeling well. I'm back to cosplay again, much happier now.
This is a review I should've done 5 months ago or something but only now am I feeling good to do it. The lenses I'm reviewing this time are Bunny 3 Color Cherie Brown, by Klenspop of course!~ And no, they didnt' take 5 months to arrive. The arrival was fast as usual.

*Bunny 3 Color Cherie Brown*
Inside the bubble mail package was the bubble wrapped box. It comes with two little bottles, so a pair of lenses. 
 *Lenses Info*
- DIA: 14.8 mm
- Using period: 6 months 
- Water content: 38%
These are like the third pair of lenses a own of this same brand and model. I have the blue ones, the gray ones and the brown ones. They're pretty big and convey a very cute doll eye, perfect for younger or cute characters, like Hinata Shoyo, from Haikyuu.
The lenses are very, very noticeable on my eyes, even though they're not opaque. My dark brown eye turns a lighter shade of brown and looks very good. 5/5 for color. Pictures below will show you why ;)
I've worn these lenses twice. Once to check them for color and comfort, to know if they're suitable for what I want to do and comfortable as well, if I can wear them for long or short periods of time. The second time I used them for Hinata Shoyo! I took photos and even did a 2 hour live with them on. I must have worn them for like 4 or 5 hours during this time - I put my lenses on before makeup. Both times they felt comfortable on my eyes and I had no dryness problems. 5 out of 5 as well!

What are you waiting for? Get them here now for $18! For 10% discount use the code on the banner! If these are not the ones, check what's new on their website! A lot of things change in 5 months!~
Thank you for reading and I really hope you get your Bunny 3 Color lenses because they're worth it!

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