Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Klenspop Review! - Clear Color CL 002 Brown

New review so soon? Hell yes! And why is that? Because I got the lenses in like 7 working days. How fast is that? Record time, I tell you. Klenspop is usually fast, but this time it exceeded expectations! ^^
So, the lenses I'm reviewing this time are Clear Color CL 002 Brown!
Besides the super fast shipping there's the super well packed... well, package. The box that contains the lenses usually comes wrapped in bubble wrap and then inside another box. This time it came inside a bubble wrap package. In any case, well packed!
The lenses box happened to be the same as my last lenses review (which you should totally check because there's this amazing discount going on and you can get Ellen Panda Ex 12 Aqua for $7.00!).

Inside I found the usual stuff: The free lenses case, which I love, the pair of tweezers and the lenses bottles! (no pandas this time though)
Lenses Info:
- DIA: 14.0 mm
- Using period: 6 months
- Water content: 38%
As you can see, the lens design consists of a brown ring, which means that your natural eye color will pretty much be seen through the rest of the lenses. Since my eyes are a medium brown, this lenses don't change much of my eyes, but I wasn't expecting them to, since they're brown. They do create a darker outer circle around my eyes, which I really like to see. They're rather small, so if you're looking for bigger eyes, these may not be the ones you're looking for. If you're looking for some natural lenses, then by all means, these might be the ones! 

For color, I'll rate them 4/5, because they don't really change my eye color, but they do give them a different look. I like them very much. My eyes look different yet natural and I like that. You can see what I'm talking about in the pictures below. 

Comfort is a 3.5/5. No, they don't feel dry and I don't think wearing them for a longer period of time will be a problem but you may feel them sometimes when you blink for a longer time. Other than that, no issues. 

Have some closeups to see the effect the lenses have on brown eyes.
And some other photos to see how they naturally look. All them photos were taken with me standing next to a window so this is how they look in natural light.

You can get them here for $18! Also, for 10% discount on Klenspop, use the code of the banner on the top of this review! They have other awesome lenses at awesome prices and with a fast shipping service!

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  1. Nice Nice, hoping for a Sharingan or rinnegan review *-*

    1. Thank you ^^ I might do for Sharingan cause I happen to have those xD