Sunday, February 28, 2016

Klenspop Review! - Ellen Panda Ex 12 Aqua

Haven’t posted anything since last month, but here I am again! And with a new review for you, guys! Again, from Klenspop! This time the lenses I’m reviewing are Ellen Panda Ex 12 Aqua! As per usual, they arrived super fast and well packed. The lenses box was wrapped in bubble wrap and this time I even received a flyer with lenses how-to! 
The box is super colorful and pretty, same style as the previous one! I'm in love with this girl~

Inside of this pretty little box was a pair of tweezers, the free lens case and the two little panda bottles that contain the lenses. The tweezers might come in handy if you have problems handling lenses! Also, if this is your first time dealing with lenses, this lenses wearing manual might come in handy too! It explains in detail the steps to successfully put lenses on.
Lenses Info:
- DIA: 14.5 mm
- Using period: 6 months 
- Water content: 38%
So, this lenses are 14.5 mm, which usually guarantees a cute, doll eye. But this ones have a singularity. The transparent outer ring is bigger than usual, so it makes the actual colored part of the lenses smaller. Which is great if you don't want your eyes to look much bigger than usual. If you just want them to look slightly bigger or even not bigger at all, thumbs up. They look really natural!

As for color, they have an outer black ring and then the blue inner part. I just love, love, love blue! And between the many shades of blue there are, this is one of my favorite! My eyes are brown and these lenses are noticeable, while still looking natural. It's not only the color, but the design that makes them natural looking lenses. They're not opaque, which would make them look unnatural and the first thing one would notice when looking at you, but they're not so transparent that they would merge with your eye, not allowing your eyes to look different. Color is a 5/5. Natural while still noticeable. In any case, you can see the pictures below and judge yourself.

Comfort is also a plus. Again, I had no problems while wearing these lenses, being it for a short period of time or for a longer period. Even as time passed, I didn't feel any dryness or anything out of the ordinary. I wore them four times already and my opinion is the same for every time. So, comfort also goes 5/5. 
My advice is to never exceed eight hours and if possible avoid going as far as that, with any lenses. And remember to put them in solution for at least 8 hours before using them again. 

Here are some closeups so you can better see how they look in brown eyes and their enlargement versus natural eye.
              See the natural enlargement?

Some more shots of me wearing the lenses so you can see them in a more natural perspective! All photos were taken with me standing next to a window, so this is how they look in natural light.

You can get them here for 18$. Also, for 10% discount on Klenspop, use the code of the banner on the top of this review! They have other awesome lenses at awesome prices and with a fast shipping service!

See ya next time! <3

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