Sunday, January 24, 2016

Klenspop Review! - Ellen Panda Brown [4color]

Hi there!
This is my first time being sponsored and my first lenses review! My first impression of Klenspop is that they are really friendly and super fast when replying. Also, the lenses didn’t take long to arrive, even though it was around New Year’s when my sponsorship request was accepted. 
So, on to the review! Today's lenses are Ellen Panda Brown (4color).
Once I opened the package box, I found the lenses box wrapped in bubble wrap. Super well packed, I must say! 
The box is so colorful and nice! I love it. 

Inside I found the free lenses case that comes with the lenses, the lenses little bottles (and omg, the pandas are so cute!) and a pair of plastic tweezers! These might come in handy if you have trouble handling lenses. 
Lenses Info:
- DIA: 14.8 mm
- Using period: 6 months
- Water content: 38%
My eyes are pretty small, so these 14.8 mm lenses really make a difference. I won't rate enlargement because that varies a lot. It depends on what you want, but if you're looking for a cute kind of look and larger eyes, these surely do the job!

The lenses have a brown outer line and then 3 more colors on the lens inner part: a goldish kind of yellow, grey and brown. They look really natural on my eyes and I love that. Even if my eyes are brown, the grey and goldish of these lenses make the eyes brighter, while still looking natural. So for color, if you're aiming for natural and pretty, definitely 5/5. But if you want something to stand out, probably not the best choice. If you have brown eyes, that is.

Another thing that's important to mention is the comfort. And I only have good things to say about it. First, even in the beginning I didn't feel any discomfort at all. Sometimes it happens. With these it didn't! Second, I wore them for almost eight hours straight and I still couldn't feel them in my eyes. Comfort is a solid 5/5.

Here are some closeups on the lenses so you can better see the enlargement and their color and design.
See the difference? This is how large your eyes can look.
Have some more shots so you get the whole picture.

You can get them in special sale here for 18$! Also, get 10% discount on other lenses using the code from the first pic banner!

This is all for now! Until next time! <3


  1. first!
    cool lenses and other things ^^

    1. Thanks! I'm planning on doing more reviews like this one ^^ Thanks for commenting!